CAM1959 100 watt Vintage Recreation



This is THE amp that has made a thousand records…………..don’t even pretend you don’t know what this is or what this does! your ears and internal organs will be forever changed, and those low flying bird will all be KILLED!




This is a Classic rock/metal “vintage recreation”. This IS a “kit” amp from Mojo-Tone, I build these and offer a 3 year warranty through Custom Audio Mutation against any manufacturer defect’s. This is a pre-order sale for the amp, I can build and ship in about 6-8 weeks. This is NOT a straight stock clone, I have beefed up the output section and power dropping sections of the amplifier to improve overall stability reliability, and tube life. There has also been an improved grounding scheme implemented to reduce noise, buzz, and hum. They have Heyboer transformers (power, choke, output), carbon film resistors through all the signal sections, vishay resistors through the power and dropping sections, and the Mojo-mustard caps for all the coupling stages. I build these as a solid and good quality alternative to purchasing a vintage version of these amps for wayyyyyyyyyyy to much money only to have to spend MORE money with a repair tech to get those amps fixed/running properly. I also offer customization, and modification from this version and other fun options! Please call or email me with any questions you have!


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