This is just a work horse of an amp. two channels super loud and tight power section FX loop. this is a pedal platform-er amp if there ever was one!

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Clean channel goes from beautiful sparkle to full fat face smack. The distortion channel gives you thick full crunch and rock tone. This is NOT a searing high gain amplifier it is designed to give the player high gain dynamics and crunch. Put a bitching drive or boost pedal into the front end of this amp and you can have a whole new pallet of tone. The 12AX7 driven FX loop allows you to add your favorite processors or pedals to your signal chain without added noise or ruined tone. The KT88 power section makes no apologies for its tightness and almost “Hi-Fi” delivery of volume and tone!

  • Turret board construction on a Garolite custom cut component board Over spec’ed components for longevity and survive-ability from the rigors of the road.
  • Hand-drilled aluminum chassis for magnetic decoupling and noise rejection from the transformers.
  • Face-plates, and head shells made here in the U.S.
  • Classic-Tone Power, Output and Choke transformers.
  • KT88 tube power section.
  • full 12AX7 tube buffered FX loop.
  • Vishay “Brown Pill” and “Brown Bee” resistors in the entire tone circuit.
  • Vishay “Black Beetle” high wattage resistors in all power section area’s of the amp.
  • Orange Drop, Sprague Atom, F&T, and Nichicon capacitors.
  • Simple mechanical solo boost in the power section.
  • 2 channel foot switchable.




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