Flexible two channel all tube, high gain amplifier.

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Combining the tight, searing high gain of my flagship CAM850M with a sparkling clean channel, the CAM850Mii is my ultimate and most flexible tube amp. All my standard moves are here in the amp. The high gain channel is pulled, part for part and volt for volt, from the CAM850M. All the tone options are here “Snappy/Smooth”, “Tight/Thick”, “Bright/Warm” switches, and more distortion than is healthy for any human being. Finished off with the super sweet and flexible clean channel and this is an amp that just works. I have the Full 12AX7 buffered FX loop built into the amp, and the classic E34L output section brings it all home with 50 watt’s of power to annoy the sound man with.


  • Turret board construction on a Garolite custom cut component board
  • Over spec’ed components for longevity and survive-ability from the rigors of the road.
  • Hand-drilled aluminum chassis for magnetic decoupling and noise rejection from the transformers
  • Face-plates, and head shells made here in the U.S.
  • Classic-Tone Power, Output and Choke transformers.
  • E34L tube power section.
  • full 12AX7 tube buffered FX loop.
  • Vishay “Brown Pill” and “Brown Bee” resistors in the entire tone circuit.
  • Vishay “Black Beetle” high wattage resistors in all power section area’s of the amp.
  • Orange Drop, Sprague Atom, F&T, and Nichicon capacitors.
  • Simple mechanical solo boost in the power section.



Each amp is completely hand built one at a time here in the U.S. Then burned in to make sure you get your amp ready to play!!! 3-year transferable warranty against any defects in craftsmanship, footswitch included.





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