Here is the shop where you can place an order for your new Custom Audio Mutation amplifier. Every amp is hand built one at a time by me in my shop here in Kenmore Ohio. The amps listed for sale on this page are my “standard” amplifier line. Don’t hesitate to ask about custom options like tolex, and face plates, or even a complete custom build for something that you have wanted but never been able to find.

There are things I will say no too, because it is something I feel I cannot do or am not interested in doing. 16 channel preamp, with midi fx loop switching between four fx loops and motorized faders……………NOT INTERESTED! HAHAHA!!! I will let you know when we discuss your build! The amplifiers I have in stock can still have the tolex options updated at little or no charge. do not be afraid to ask! All I need to do is swap the head shell for you.

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