play through of a Solar 1.6FB with an Evertune bridge. I installed new pickups for my client, and did a setup do “D”. This is a great guitar!!!

Fender-Shall mutation!!!! this little fender amp came in as something vintage-y and smooshy, I mutated the hell out of it to make it breath FIRE!!!!!!

The HOLY GRAIL of wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to damn loud!!!!! here is a 1978 Marshall SUPER BASS in fire-engine red. This amp came to me barely functioning, blowing fuses, way to quiet, way to noisy, and poorly modified. NOW she is a PURE-BRED rock and roll machine!!!

Vintage Charvel fret job!!! what a cool guitar!

Fender Silverface twin that needed ALL kinds of love. missing reverb section and tremolo section. This one was a doozey of a repair!!!!