Here is Curran Murphy, the guy that builds and sells all the Custom Audio Mutation amps, playing with The Four Horsemen in Delaware, using the CAM850Mii. Everything about the amp is exactly what he needs to play live and in the studio. Curran is using a four-cable method wiring arrangement with a live pedal board to control the Solo boost, FX used during the solo’s, and channel changing on the amp. He has integrated a pedal switching system to command he CAM850Mii, an eventide H9 Max, and a Mooer Ocean Machine. Check it out and enjoy!!!!
guitar set up and play through of the CAM850Mii
Explain-er video of the setup used at Custom Audio Mutation studios for the play through videos
play through of the CAM850M
Play through video for the CAM Super-Plexi 50